Animal Emergency Center of Sandy Springs

228 Sandy Springs Place, NE
Sandy Springs, GA 30328


Chris Norman (Licensed Veterinary Technician)

Jessica Rummler (Veterinary Assistant)

Helena McClatchie (Veterinary Assistant/ Hospital Manager)

Helena has been working with Dr. Biddle for over 20 years.  She is one of our full-time employees and has been an emergency assistant at the Animal Emergency Center of Sandy Springs for over 18 years.  Prior to working for the AEC she worked at an internal medicine practice and a daytime practice for 8 years.  She's such a gift to have at our facility.


  Jennifer Zdesar (Veterinary Assistant)  

 Kevin McDaniel  (Licensed Veterinary Technician)

Kevin was born and raised in Atlanta and became an RVT in 2007.  He has been working in emergency medicine for over 10 years while also working at a specialty hospital in the surgery department.   His area of expertise is in the area of anesthesia and pain management.   He has three cats at home and enjoys treating "smushed-faced" breeds of dogs like bulldogs, boxers, and pugs. 

 Michelle Hull (Veterinary Assistant)

Michelle has been working in the veterinary field since she was a teenager!  She got her Bachelor and Master's Degree in Animal and Veterinary Science.    Not only working at the emergency center, she works at Emory University for the Division of Animal Resources.  She has one sweet "geriatric" dog.  She spends here weekends hiking and camping. 


 Airey Chiapella  (Receptionist)

Alex Valdivia (local trainer -- Alex has worked with several of our clients)


     Alex Valdivia is a Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist from South Florida with over 20 years of experience in the animal training field.


           We love having such an excellent staff here at the Animal Emergency Center of Sandy Springs!